Who are the Proudneck

The Proudneck group was born in june 2000 because Norbert Mandos Spina proposed a meeting writing init.fan.scrittori.tolkien newsgroup.

This was the first raduno (meeting) of some others, without any clear frequency. The I FeSTosi group (those from the newsgroup) soon blended with the LIstari group (from the mailing list LIstari) in common raduni.

Later we choose our name, as many others regional groups, with the incentive of Leonardo Beleg Cappelli, in the spring of 2003; we are a Tolkien Society smial.

We now meet once a month (or more than once) to discuss and talk about Tolkien’s works, to chat, to drink and to eat like hobbit at Bywaters’s Green Dragon

Here you can see some of us