Tolkien and a slice of cake or a beer

Tolkien fans in Rome have a couple of conferences (in italian, alas) in July: saturday the 8th 8 and sunday the 16

Saturday July the 8th, at 17
As an year ago, in “Pulcinella e Rugantino” pastry shop (via della Villa di Lucina 80) Norbert Spina dell’Associazione Romana Studi Tolkieniani (AIST – Tolkien Society of Italy) will talk about the Hobbit (the book)

Sunday July the 16th, at 19
The second conference, at Lannister pub (via Borgo Ticino 31-33) is about Tolkien’s books. We will talk about the first part of the book The Lord of the Rings, that is The Fellowship of the Rings


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