Raduno on Saturday, June the 28th: deleted

We will meet in Villa Borghese Park, neare the entrance of “Museo Canonica” (also known as “the small fortress”).
Then will find a suitable place to talk about Tolkien, books, movies, life, the universe and everithing. This will be the 14th birthday of our smial
All Tolkien’s fan are welcome

If the weather forecast will be “rain” or “terribly hot” we will meet some other place.

I will write in the comments to this article any news.

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Letto la prima volta "il Signore degli Anelli" nel 1986 continua a rileggerlo, A seguire ha letto sostanzialmente tutto l'opus Tolkieniano, compresa la History of Midlle Earth e molto libri di critica letteraria sul Legendarium creato da J.R.R.Tolkien


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